Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I almost never refuse to draw a customer, but I was trying to imagine how it might go down if I worked out my reasoning and how to express it. The following is a work of fantasy. Now, without further ado...

You Do You

Hey boss. i see what youre doin here an i think its cool and everything and i dont wanna cramp your style or nothin but i was just wantin to know if youd be able to do one for us but do like a regular one.

uhh. no man i dont think so. im sorry.

oh really? uh...ok. its alright. i was just askin man...actually you just go ahead and do your thing boss. we wanna get one done.

im really sorry man but im not gonna be able to draw you... i want you to know that its really nothing personal. i promise you. i just wouldt be comfortable procedeing forward knowing that youre not into it like how i need my customer to be into it basically. i know it sounds silly but yeah...so im really sorry man but i cant do it.

aw look man. i said i wanna do it. im into it. you dont gotta be like that about it man. im into it, man. i wanna get one.

its like this, my friend. im gonna try to explain in a way i’ve never quite explained before, so forgive me if i get long winded. but its like this. this thing that i do is..its this nonverbal communication im giving to you. if you come up to the stand and you dont do anything out of the ordinary and you just sit down and i do my thing and lets say it comes out crazy/ugly--which it may end up being in your eyes if not in mine. since this is a caricature and we dont know each other at all and i have no iota of a reason to have any animosity toward you, you’re likely to chalk up anything weird in the drawing to it being a caricature, or me being a bad artist, or worst case scenario me being a random jerk, and all this is fine. it being a non verbal peice of communication you can interpret it any number of ways but it would be hard to take it as a personal attack unless you happen to do something or say something that you might be able to imagine that i would consider annoying or bothersome or insulting and then imagine that I’m reacting to it in the drawing. your request has not been bothersome to me, but only because i know i do not have to draw you, and will not. its nothing personal, but you can look at it as though you accidentally pushed the wrong magic button, and this button forbids my drawing your caricature.
     To say people’s faces are a sensitive issue to them is an understatement, but it’s what allows for such powerful humor to be generated by a caricature. i want to draw caricatures that are as powerfully funny as they can possibly be and in order to do this i must weed out the potential customers for whom i suspect i might be motivated to hold back from truely connecting to this which is at the nucleus of every moment of lucid creative clarity ive been blessed to take part in.

its just my girl was wanting it to not be “too ugly” but its cool man. you just do your thing, man. you do you.

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